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Are you a resident in Dallas, TX? Are you looking for distinctive deck designs? Do you want a top-quality builder who can listen to your custom needs and work hard to meet them? If yes, then stay calm; we got you covered in all aspects.  Professional Deck Builder is a highly experienced service provider who has been in the industry for over 20 years working on decks and patios. We are equipped with highly skilled professionals in deck building who ensure that you get your dream decks. We are a committed team focused on achieving complete customer satisfaction for our clients through our work. So, contact us today and get your dream decks built by our in-depth tenured professionals!

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Deck Construction

Talking of decks that will elevate the appearance of your home, Professional Deck Builder is based and operating in Dallas, TX, ready to offer you the same. We will provide designs that go well with the aesthetics of your home.
Our professional decker builders have been in the industry for decades and can build you any custom design you want for your home. Our elaborate designs have been gratifying to our customers for generations. We offer our clients perfect designs that meet their needs and space. For any deck building services in Dallas, TX, contact us to learn more about their top-quality decking construction services.

Deck Building

At Professional Deck Builder, we build decks that last for several years to come. Our quality workmanship and structural integrity matter a lot to us. We always ensure that our deck projects stand firm and resist wear and tear, keeping in mind the extreme weather changes. With our experienced craftsmen, we understand well how to build your desired deck designs, taking pride in our service.
We do not risk hiring outside subcontractors because we always care about the safety and quality of our services. All our staff members are master craftsmen who conform to the highest standards in deck building regulations.

Deck Replacements

Has your deck seen better days? Are you looking for someone to replace your deck and get the new look you have always wanted in Dallas, Tx? We are here as the team leaders to offer you the best of the services. When your decks are exposed to natural factors such as snow and rain, they also get damaged over time.
Luckily, Professional Deck Builder offers professional deck replacement services. Your deck replacement requires a professional, and we are here to provide you with the best of our professional services. We offer unparalleled deck replacement services, thanks to our over 20 years of experience in the industry. We can handle both commercial and residential decks and still provide you with more than you can expect.

Deck Enclosures

Do you want to add extra privacy to your deck? Do not be worried! Professional Deck Builder can provide you with unique and customized designs ideal for your decks. Our skilled personnel can build for you the right deck enclosure that meets your needs from basic to complex designs. Over the two decades, Professional Deck Builder has provided superior deck enclosure designs. Expert workmanship, high quality construction materials, and utmost attention to detail have made us stand out and become a trusted choice that will add style, value, and top-notch functionality.

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Patio Builder

Do you want to enhance your exterior space around your home in Dallas, TX? You need to hire an experienced outdoor contractor who will help you in transforming your home into your desirable way. As Professional Deck Builder, we are specialists in patio building, and our level of services exceeds those of our competitors. When you want a true patio building expert, just contact us, and we will help you out.

Patio Builder

At Professional Deck Builder, we offer complete patio installation, including custom enclosures that are installed by our highly skilled team of experts. We always treat our customers special and provide them with satisfying services that meet their needs. We will provide you with top-quality patio products and services and ensure our delivery exceeds your expectations every time.

Patio Replacements

Want to replace your patio and patio covers? Contact our experts! We will provide you with quality patio options that will transform the outdoor area into a convenient and beautiful area. Contact a provider who has invested in the integrity of workmanship, materials, and products. We will transform your patio into something that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor experience comfortably and in style.

Patio Covers

At Professional Deck Builder, we design patio covers that are unique, functional, and beautiful. We often use wood design in our construction, but we can also design for you with the same type of construction used in your home. Whether you are looking for a luxury cabana or simple covers, we are your perfect partner. We are the leading patio builders in Dallas, TX, and we will construct patio covers for you that will make you enjoy your outdoor experiences.

Get a Professionally Built Patio or Deck By an Expert Deck Builder Near You in Dallas, TX?

Are you in Dallas, TX and in need of a new deck or patio? As Professional Deck Builder, we can help you achieve your dream look at your home. Whether you are looking to replace an older deck or patio, would like to customize your designs for unique patio and decks, or want to install a luxurious, inviting cabana, reach out to us now. We will provide you with highly experienced experts to help you do your job right.

At Professional Deck Builder, we have a highly skilled team of experts that is dedicated to customer satisfaction. They also possess in-depth skills and knowledge that ensure that your patio and decks are in the exact design and quality as you desire. Call us now to get started on your upcoming project. You can contact us at 817-909-4453 or through our contact form available on our website.

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Deck and Patio FAQs

1. What materials do you use?

We use all decking materials, Camaru, Cedar, Massaranduba, Composites, Garapa, Aluminum, Tiger Wood, and many more.

2. What is the difference between a deck and a patio?

The difference between a deck and a patio is that a deck is an open outdoor platform or porch that stretches from a house whereas a patio is a paved structure or area that is placed directly on the ground and may or may not be attached to a house.

3. How much will my custom deck cost?

The cost to build your custom deck will depend on the material to be used. Contact us today to get a professional analysis of your decking project and get your required cost estimates.