May 20, 2023

"My 10-year-old backyard deck was falling apart, and it was lowering the value of my property. My friend, who had just completed a deck installation project, recommended that I talk to Professional Deck Builder. I did, and their customer service staff were friendly and accommodating. I went ahead to contract them for the job, and they did well. I got value for my money."
May 19, 2023

"I love the deck that they built on my front yard. It gives me a place to relax and enjoy the sunsets in the evening. Since they did it, several people have expressed interest in my home, and they are offering me a premium. Goes to show how well it’s done."
May 9, 2023

"I was referred to this company by a friend, and she promised me that they would do an excellent job with the deck renovations. True to her words, they restored the deck just like I wanted it. It’s so nicely done that one would think it’s new."
May 6, 2023

"My wife suggested that we do a patio cover and make our patio an all-weather family relaxation space. After some research, we settled for Professional Deck Builders for their prices and the quality of their previous projects. I am glad to say that they lived up to the billing."
May 5, 2023

"I enjoy a beer on my deck on weekends, but it always felt uncomfortable having fun with my neighbors watching me. I contacted Professional Deck Builders to build a deck enclosure, and they did a fantastic job. I can still enjoy the view while also maintaining a good level of privacy."